Practical actions for a better future

Practical actions for a better future

Safety, products, energy saving

The growth and evolution process of our company takes place through investment planning, the use of human and financial resources available and the orientation towards technological development; all in a process in which all the elements of the system are on the same wavelength, meeting current needs without a negative impact on humans and environment and not precluding future generations from meeting their own needs.

Franplast TPE’s commitment to sustainability focuses on three basic issues: safety, products, water and energy saving.

Safety of the workplace, people, goods and equipment

  • Fire-fighting system

  • No use of raw materials classified as hazardous or toxic

  • Fully automated packaging system

  • Noise reduction program

  • Smoke extraction system

  • Worker health program


  • 100% recyclable TPE-s
  • No use of PVC and Latex
  • A new group of compounds formulated with raw materials deriving from renewable sources
  • A unique SEBS-based infill TPE used as filler for artificial turf soccer fields that complies with the Dutch soil quality management regulations
  • New formulations of compounds containing recycled materials
  • Wood effect compounds

Water and energy saving

  • Cooling plant of the production lines, part of the cooling deriving from the evaporative tower
  • Heat recovery from our process fluids
  • Natural aquifer that allows saving the drinking water
  • Management of the green area by robotic lawn mowers
  • All premises, from offices to the factory are equipped with LED lighting systems