TPE advantages and application fields

TPE advantages and application fields

What are the advantages of TPE and why choose it over vulcanized materials?

TPE has many advantages over vulcanized rubbers. First of all, TPE does not undergo any vulcanization process (crosslinking), is 100% recyclable and it can be reused indefinitely. Secondly, the manufacturing process is easier and faster. This leads to a lower environmental impact and ensures that any waste can be completely recycled.

Compared to vulcanized rubbers, TPE has a lower density. This allows using a smaller quantity of material for the same volume and covering a wider range of hardness (from 3 Shore A to 60 Shore D). In addition, TPE is characterized by less or total absence of odor and guarantees greater freedom of design. In fact, it is possible to design products consisting of two or more thermoplastic materials with different features, unlimited color possibilities and various shades of transparency.


As regards the medical field, TPE represents a valid alternative to silicone and PVC. All these thanks to its transparency, high processability and excellent mechanical features. In addition to having USP class VI and ISO 10993-4-5-10-11 certified grades, Chemiton Med HMB is registered with the American FDA (Drug Master File No. 027175).

Home & Design

Our materials comply with the European regulation 10/2011/CE and are therefore suitable for contact with food. Compatibility with PP and with most polyolefins allows for countless combinations and solutions of final items with rigid and soft parts. For even more performing and aesthetic results, we also have special grades suitable for overprinting on technopolymers and polar plastics (PC, ABS, PMMA, PBT).


The thermoplastic elastomers we offer for this sector are suitable not only for traditional children’s toys, but also for dog toys and sex toys. These materials are easy to process and colour while ensuring maximum safety in compliance with EN71-3. Recognising the importance of meeting the needs of safety, motility, creativity, education, care and entertainment, we have developed innovative solutions. Our range of materials offers the possibility of pad printing without the need for surface pre-treatment, as well as scented, glittered and glossy compounds.

Sport & Leisure

Our flagship is represented by Greenplay, a SEBS-based TPE used as filler for synthetic turf soccer fields which comply with the requirements of the 2015 FIFA Manual. Greenplay and the other Chemiton grades designed for the world of sport are formulated to have high resistance to atmospheric agents, UV, mechanical stress and scratches.


TPE is gaining more and more importance in the automotive sector due to its excellent mechanical features, high processability, low weight and high recyclability. For even more performing results, we offer a range of grades with high UV protection, low density, and with additives to ensure good scratch resistance and to improve opacity.


The product portfolio is broad and there are many combination possibilities. From materials suitable for molding and self-extinguishing V0 based on ROHS compliant halogenated compounds to special grades for extrusion with low gas permeability (low O.T.R. and W.V.T.R). The range is completed by the ideal surface finish and easy processability.