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An analysis on insects of our territory conducted by the University of Brescia

Franplast joined the research program “Biodiversity in Franciacorta” conducted by the Agrofood Research Hub laboratory of the University of Brescia, a study divided into three sessions, the first of which began on 8 June and ended on 27 June. The research of the project is aimed at knowing the entomological fauna of the territory, with particular attention to pollinating insects and how they are distributed with respect to natural and semi-natural environments, to agricultural management environments and to strictly urban environments.

biodiversità franciacorta insetti

Franplast supports the search

The role of Franplast in the project was to provide its green areas, located in an urban context, for the sampling activities on flying insects and walkers, through the use of special traps. The water traps, called Pan-traps are designed to catch flying insects while the fall traps, called Pitfall-traps, completely buried, are specifically designed to capture the arthropods epigei walkers.

In addition to June, two further investigation sessions are planned for the end-July and end-September 2022 periods during which the same operations will be repeated. The outcome of the research will provide a complete and updated overview of the insect communities present in the territory and how these important groups of organisms interact with different management models.