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Franplast’s commitment to a more sustainable industry: the Brescia 2050 Pact at Futura Expo

Elena Franceschetti, CEO of Franplast S.p.A., on the 4th of October attended Futura Expo 2022 exhibition at the Brixia Forum in Brescia, an event organized by Confindustria and Pro Brixia under the banner of sustainability in the economic and social spheres. Among the many initiatives promoted, one of the main ones was undoubtedly “Patto per la Sostenibilità Brescia 2050” (Brescia 2050 Sustainability Pact) in favour of a greener market and, consequently, a greener and eco-friendlier world. Brescia 2050 Pact was created with the aim of committing the manufacturing and social worlds to neutralize their emissions by 2050, and Elena has decided to join it. Franplast intends to guarantee its full commitment to the following promises:

  • quantifying greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions;
  • define appropriate interventions and long-term strategies for decarbonization and zero emissions and waste;
  • bring about tangible changes and innovations in the company operations, such as improving production efficiency, adopting renewable energy sources, making logistics and mobility sustainable, reducing waste production, trash and resource consumption, along with any other useful action for the elimination of CO2 emissions and pollutants;
  • neutralize any residual emission through additional, quantifiable, credible, permanent and socially responsible offsets.
CEO Franplast Elena

Franplast’s sustainability challenge in TPE and thermoplastics

In addition to the development of biobased and regenerated-based materials, in Franplast there are currently many structural interventions underway in the sign of sustainability that the entire team is looking forward to share soon with its customers.

The signing of Brescia 2050 Sustainability Pact wants to be for Franplast the starting point of a challenge that sees as protagonist not only the company itself, but the whole community of Brescia, which is committed to making its development model sustainable. Franplast believes in this challenge and accepts in its entirety a pact that is, in essence, a pact for its future.

In a context such as today’s, in which awareness of climate change is widespread and in which it has become essential to have an ecological awareness for the common good, Franplast owner Elena Franceschetti is also ready to act by aiming towards sustainability!