Franplast e UniversitĂ  

On April the 20th, Franplast had the pleasure to welcome some of the students of the Faculty of Materials Engineering of the University of Brescia and the German University of Hof.

The classes visited the R&D and Production departments to gather information useful for their specialisation, and thanks to the perfect knowledge of the German language by some Franplast staff members, communication with the students was effortless, as well as the answers given to more technical and specific questions.

This initiative builds the foundation for future collaboration between Franplast and the universities, a project that is confident to benefit both parties in terms of scientific progression.

Franplast is also honoured to have been featured in several newspaper articles that discussed this initiative, published in the newspapers Bresciaoggi, Macplas, Polimerica and TecnoEdizioni.

Franplast e UniversitĂ 

Franplast hired Mariachiara, a trainee from Università Cattolica 

The organisation of the initiative that brings Franplast closer to the academic world was coordinated by Mariachiara Racagni, an extremely bright young woman who officially joined the company a couple of months ago.

Mariachiara had already come into contact with the company as a curricular trainee at the UniversitĂ  Cattolica, and for the elaboration of her degree thesis entitled ‘The rubber-plastics sector: historical, economic and green vision. The virtuous case of Franplast S.p.a’, she included his experience at Franplast as a case study.

Franplast is delighted to have been able to welcome Mariachiara fully into its staff, and it is on the occasion of her joining the company that the position of Project Officer has been officially introduced. Mariachiara will be in charge of all projects concerning sustainability from a social and environmental point of view, aimed at achieving ESG objectives (Environmental, Social, Governance).