Internship at Franplast: youth employment in Franciacorta

Franplast welcomed Mariachiara, a student of European and International Policies at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, to carry out the 3-month curricular internship within its commercial department. Mariachiara, born in 1997, worked in Franplast for commercial analysis and marketing of the foreign market, with particular reference to the Spanish market.

The internship at Franplast as a case study in the Thesis

During these months she had the opportunity to learn some notions on the logistical and communicative aspects of the company and she has been able to carry out a complete mapping and an in-depth investigation about the use of plastics in Spain, focusing on events, exhibition world, industrial macro-areas, application segments and competitor analysis. The experience at Franplast will be the subject of a thesis for Mariachiara, who will treat the internship as a case study in her graduation paper.

Franplast is fully satisfied with the work done by Mariachiara and grateful for the valuable contribution made to the company, since the internship has proven to be a growth opportunity for both. Active participation in work orientation initiatives, commitment to young people, participation in research events and studies continue to be pillars on which Franplast is based. All these elements contribute in a concrete way to the growth of the country’s economy and to the creation of new occupations for young people and for the enhancement of their talents.