We proudly announce that our photovoltaic plant is finally operational!

With almost 2,500 photovoltaic panels now in operation, we have made this a priority in our sustainability journey. This marks one of Franplast’s first tangible steps towards a broader and more meaningful ESG commitment.

To be more precise, we have installed 2,469 panels. The average annual production of over 1 million kWh is a concrete result of our commitment to cleaner, renewable energies.

The environmental benefits are equally impressive: we estimate an annual saving of almost 600,000 kg of CO2, equivalent to the absorption of CO2 from over 22,000 trees in one year. These numbers encourage us to continue on this path, knowing that we are making a real difference to the environment.

With a capacity of 999.945 kWp, our photovoltaic system represents significant progress on the road to realising our vision of an environmentally sustainable company and a greener future.

We will continue to invest in innovative and sustainable solutions, working hard to reduce the environmental impact of our operations!