Franplast tiene un convegno a Futura Expo 

On Sunday 8 October, from 12.00 pm, the conference organised by Franplast in collaboration with Clementoni entitled “Sustainability in the world of children” will be held at the Futura Expo Meeting Room. This meeting, which will last about 45 minutes, is an important opportunity to reflect on the importance of sustainability in the context of childhood. The aim of the event is to put the child at the centre of attention, examining the different facets of sustainability: environmental, social and digital.

Prominent guests include:

  • Mauro Oreste Paialunga, Clementoni’s Infant R&D Leader, who will share the creation path of Clementoni’s Clemmy line developed together with Elena Franceschetti, CEO of Franplast.
  • Graziella Pedruzzi, an authority in the field of pedagogy with over twenty years of experience and a role as trainer also in infant schools.
  • Michele Mangi, professor at the Catholic University of Milan, expert in the Faculty of Education and member of the prestigious CREMIT (Centre for Research on Media Education in Innovation and Technology).

During the event, the connections and synergies between the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) world and the world of children will be explored. The importance of play as an educational tool to promote positive social relationships among children will be highlighted. In addition, the developments of educational play over time will be analysed and there will be a focus on what the digital age has in store for us in this area.

This event is a unique opportunity to deepen the link between sustainability and children’s well-being, bringing together experts from different fields to promote a comprehensive and holistic view of young children’s growth.

It will be an enlightening experience for all those interested in contributing to a better future for the new generations!