franplast materiale idrofilo

Franplast has recently developed an innovative material, the hydrophilic Chemiton TPE-S, containing additives that make it capable of absorbing water. The goal of the Franplast laboratory was to create a TPE-S that is not hydrophobic, but hydrophilic, i.e. capable of permeating without dissolving, and that guarantees specific mechanical and physical performance such as swelling, sealing capacity and weight gain.

This Chemiton has a surface that is soft and rubbery to the touch, is opaque and easy to colour. It retains excellent flexibility, even at low temperatures, and is free of halogens, phthalates, PVC and silicone. This innovative material is suitable for a variety of applications, particularly in the construction industry, where it is used for the production of gaskets and profiles that expand as they get wet and require a perfect seal at their joints.

chemiton idrofilo

After numerous studies and test runs, the Franplast laboratory celebrates a new milestone

After numerous studies and test runs, it was possible to develop a compound capable of increasing its volume by more than 900%. After being immersed in water, the material expands uniformly at a controlled rate and percentage, until it forms a resistant hydraulic seal that prevents water, even in the form of moisture, from entering and escaping.

Long contact with aqueous solutions produces a good level of swelling that will depend on the specific conditions of use. Later, when there is no more water present, the material will shrink back to its original size. The Franplast team is truly satisfied with the achievement and the technical laboratory is already active in the research and development of new compounds.