Franplast gender equality

The last major milestone reached at the end of the year 2023 was obtaining the UNI/PdR 125:2022 Gender Equality Certification, which is one of the goals we had set ourselves in the ESG (environment, social and governance) context, in which we have been actively engaged since last year.

By obtaining UNI/PdR125:2022, we are aligning ourselves with the systemic process of cultural change in organisations, aimed at achieving fairer gender equality. This certification is the tangible result of our efforts to implement sustainable and socially responsible practices.

To certify ourselves, we had to meet several key performance indicators (KPIs), including compliance with the principles of equality, equity and prevention of discrimination. We have taken equal opportunity measures and promoted effective equality between men and women in the workplace. In addition, we are committed to implementing welfare policies.

The project was successfully concluded, co-financed with EUR 3,800 from the European Union. The activities were implemented as part of the initiatives promoted by the Regional Programme co-funded by the European Social Fund Plus, further strengthening our commitment to equitable work practices.

By calculating the KPIs, we achieved an extremely high score, an excellent 90 per cent, which demonstrates our willingness to create an inclusive working environment and our commitment to achieving 100 per cent.

This certification represents a crucial milestone for the social dimension of our company. We perceive it not only as a point of arrival, but as a fundamental goal and objective in the broader context of corporate welfare, to which we continue to dedicate our commitment and resources.