We are excited to announce the birth of the revolutionary Chemiton TJB series, a new family of ultra-soft and translucent compounds that mark a major step forward in thermoplastics innovation. This series, available from Shore 00 40 hardness, is designed to meet the most sophisticated and specific needs of our customers, ranging from special skin contact applications to food, healthcare and paramedical applications.

Combining ultra-softness with both translucent and opaque surface finishes, the Chemiton TJB series stands out for its outstanding flow and exceptional ease of colouring using polyolefin masterbatches. Its compatibility with materials such as PP and PE, combined with its resistance against weathering, UV and ozone, make it perfect for a wide range of uses. This includes use in padding for sports equipment, toys, mittens, sex toys and sanitary and paramedical items.

Chemiton TJB shore 00 Franplast

Customisation and innovation: the heart of the Chemiton TJB s

At Franplast, we are very attentive to the specific needs of our customers and, for this reason, we offer the possibility to further customise the product with an additional proprietary package on request, which includes UV protection, release additives, specific colours and fragrances. This allows the compound to be adapted to special needs and niche markets.

The new Chemiton TJB series marks an important step forward in our research, consolidating our commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions that meet the challenges of the current and future market!