Franplast sostiene Airno 

We are keen to make you aware of a subject that is very dear to us. For years, we have been supporting AIRNO, the Italian Association for Neuro-Oncology Research. Founded in 2019, AIRNO offers real support to brain tumour patients and their families, and also contributes to scientific research in the field of neuro-oncology.

In collaboration with health facilities in the province of Brescia, a psychological support service for neuro-oncology patients and their family carers has been active since 2019. Since 2022, AIRNO has extended its support to neuro-motor rehabilitation paths for neuro-oncology patients, covering the physiotherapy costs necessary for rehabilitation.

As of 2022, AIRNO has also started supporting scientific research through the provision of grants for neuro-oncology scholarships. These scholarships are co-funded by the University of Brescia and awarded through public competitions.

Franplast sostiene Airno

Future projects and events in support of AIRNO

AIRNO’s projects are mainly financed through donations and the proceeds of various initiatives promoted by the association in the area. Thanks to the constant commitment of volunteers and supporters, the association plans to expand the services offered to patients and to support scientific research in neuro-oncology and young researchers dedicated to this field in the coming years.

AIRNO is also committed to scientific outreach and public awareness on neuro-oncology by organising conferences, events in the area, and both popular and scientific publications.

Upcoming events include the third edition of “Hallowairno”, to be held on Sunday 29 October 2023 in Verolanuova, in which we will proudly participate.

At Franplast, we are proud to support the initiatives of this association. Each of us can make a difference, even with small steps, and we are confident that every form of commitment and help can lead to significant results. We strongly believe in this cause, and we are happy to be able to contribute!