PMI DAY 2023

In November we organised at Franplast three PMI DAY, the initiative promoted by Confindustria Brescia, for the schools of Chiari and Provaglio d’Iseo. The objective was to contribute to the dissemination of corporate culture and to acquaint the new generations with the issues underlying the commitment of companies in building a future of development and collective well-being.

The first meeting was held on 24 November with the fourth high school class of the Einaudi Institute in Chiari, while the next two meetings, held on 29 November, involved two different eighth-grade classes at the Provaglio d’Iseo school. We presented the students with a brief overview of our product lines, providing technical explanations and organising a visit to the workshops.

We are very happy to have shown an overview of the world of Franplast to young students of various ages, who are so curious, attentive and interested in the company processes and the activities we carry out on a daily basis.

We support them in the process of integration into the world of work and we are thrilled to have participated in the PMI DAY event together with the schools in our community.

For us, the future of the students who are finishing different courses of study is of paramount importance. We have great confidence in their abilities and potential!