franplast IRSpirit

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) is a technique used to obtain an infrared spectrum based on the amount of absorption or transmittance of infrared (IR) radiation in a sample. It is a refined analysis technique that allows the study of the chemical composition of any material, in any phase state, through non-destructive measurement. Franplast has already had the opportunity to study and experiment with this type of analysis, especially for qualitative characterisations. Today, however, thanks to the purchase of IRSpirit, the new FTIR spectroscopy machine, it is also able to carry out quantitative determinations. In fact, the new spectrophotometer makes it possible to carry out not only classic analyses using the ATR (attenuated total reflection) technique, but also those in transmission, which allow a more in-depth study of liquids and solids by obtaining quantitative values that would otherwise be impossible to determine.

IRSpirit machine

Development and innovation as objectives 

In addition to the new instrument, a press for the creation of polymer films has also been implemented. The latter will further enhance the materials knowledge of the R&D department at Franplast. The new IRSpirit spectrophotometer is proving to be a valuable resource to be faster and more precise in responding to customer and market needs, thanks to the study of targeted formulations capable of going beyond the counter-typing of polymeric materials.

Franplast is ready to face the challenges of the future and exceed its customers’ expectations thanks to the continuous research and innovation pursued every day.