Mariachiara in Franplast

At Franplast, innovation is considered one of the fundamental elements driving business growth. For this reason, the company has recently introduced the position of PMO, Project Manager Officer, to coordinate new projects.

This position is filled by Mariachiara, who has been involved in the development of 360-degree Sustainability under the ESG framework for some time, with strategic and ambitious objectives for improving the company. Among the various projects coordinated by Mariachiara, particular importance is given to the ISO 14001 environmental certification, ISO 50001 energy certification, and measurement of greenhouse gas emissions according to ISO 14064, in order to minimize the company’s emissions and delve into Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis.

Employee well-being has always been a primary focus for Franplast, which now aims to implement and develop an ambitious welfare plan within the company. The plan’s development begins with obtaining the UNI PdR125 gender equality certification and the implementation of the European program WHP, which promotes workplace health.

There are also projects related to the commercial and communication areas. Mariachiara will be responsible for marketing development towards new applications and sectors, with particular attention to internationalization.

With the introduction of new professional roles and the development of new projects, Franplast’s goal is to renew its business vision without abandoning the identity and values that have always characterized it.