Franplast a Futura Expo 2023

On 8, 9 and 10 October 2023 it will be a pleasure to meet you at Futura Expo, Italy’s largest trade fair dedicated to the sustainable economy. This event represents a meeting point for businesses and citizens to discuss sustainability and explore solutions to make our planet more ecologically aware.

For us at Franplast SPA, Futura Expo offers an opportunity to take stock of our sustainable growth:

  • We have recently installed a photovoltaic system of 2,469 solar panels.
  • We are working on several ESG-related projects.
  • Our priorities include promoting gender equality, protecting the health of our employees and strengthening safety measures, with the aim of obtaining relevant certifications and certificates.
  • By 2023, we will calculate our carbon footprint in order to obtain various environmental and energy ISO certifications.

Furthermore, we are proud to offer recyclable and bio-based TPE-S thermoplastic elastomers that are constantly being innovated. This commitment is part of our mission to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable world, as sustainability is at the core of our corporate vision.

Franplast e Clementoni a Futura Expo

Successful collaboration: Franplast at Futura Expo with Clementoni Spa

At Futura Expo, we will be participating with Clementoni Spa, a leading educational toy company, which uses our TPE for its Clemmy® product line.

Our 20-year partnership with Clementoni has led to excellent results over the years, and the fact that we will be collaborating at Futura and presenting the product born from this collaboration, namely Clemmy®, to the participants is further proof of this. The brick has a grip effect and a soft touch, making the playing experience pleasant and safe. In fact, the child can touch, bite, stack and throw Clemmy® without any danger.

We look forward to sharing our ambitious plans with you and to taking significant steps together in the field of ESG at 360 degrees.

Visit us at booth C24 at the Brixia Forum in Brescia.